Vegetarian Creativity in the Pearl of the South

Last February I met a small restaurant owner and chef that operates and works in my hometown of Ponce.

One of the biggest issues you can have in Puerto Rico like I have expressed on past occasions is the lack of opportunities for vegetarians to eat out. Much less have a meal prepared by a chef that completely understands the definition of vegetarianism.

I visited Chef Creations in Ponce a place which has been in operation for over 10 years. I had never cared for visiting the place since it did not say welcome vegetarians. When chatting with my friend and also client Romy Baez , we made the decision to have lunch at Chef Creations. I had taken the invitation from the Chef many months ago and he had told me he was going to create a plate especially for me.

When I arrived I engaged in conversation with Chef Jorge (Owner of Chef Creations) on the opportunities that a restaurant on the Island has of having various vegetarian options on the menu. Before he prepared my meal, he ran me through all the important questions that re-assured me that he understood what a Vegetarian and Vegan could consume and not consume.

I felt very much at home. Most of Chef Creations clients are locals that know of the place by word of mouth.

I was very impressed on how cozy and inviting the inside looked. It was very different from the outside which does not say come in and enjoy a great meal.

We arrived when they where about to close and although they had stored everything they decided to take care of us. Chef Jorge decided to create a Vegetarian Pasta mixed with sauces and a creamy sauce.

For me it was something unique because I am not a big fan of Pasta but this Pasta was really delicious. Once I finished my plate he decided that I had not been fed enough and decided to create a salad and a mix of fruits which was something enjoyable that complemented the pasta very well. I was so enchanted by the meal I ended not leaving room for dessert.

After the meal Chef Jorge explained how he is planning to put a few vegetarian items on the menu and the only thing that was holding him back was that he wanted to offer the Vegetarian and Vegan community only the best options on the menu.

He did indicate that if you are Vegan or Vegetarian and have any special food needs you can feel free to let him and he will use his creativity, art, and culinary knowledge to create a unique plate that will go well with the experience of meeting such a talented guy. (But I would recommend calling ahead (787) 848-8384 to make sure they can meet all your diet needs).

Chef Jorge creates themes such as Hawaiian night that compliment the ambiance and food making the name of the restaurant a great fit.

When I was getting ready to leave,  Chef Jorge indicated that the meal was on the house. I have planned my next visit to Chef Creations where we are planning to have a Vegetarian paella.

So if you are visiting and driving around Ponce or the southen part of Puerto Rico I can clearly say that this one of your only options of having a restaurant serving you a vegetarian meal with flavor and passion.

5 stars for Chef Creations and I will update you as soon as we experience the Vegetarian Paella stay tuned! Feel free so sign up for our Subscribe to VegLatino’s Newsletter via Email.


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