Super Time at SuperFoods PR

Christmas Acai Bowl Vegan

Since we moved to the Metro Area of San Juan, Puerto Rico, I have been on the lookout for restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan options for lunch or dinner. Prior to Raul @rj_c becoming vegan, we would share desserts at @PFChangs if we dined there. But there are few places that offer vegan and…

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Decisions in Vegan Nutrition

Many of us have the bad habits of trying to eat things that might not be as healthy as we think they are. In the perfect world everything edible, with moderation, would bring nutritional value. Reality is everything, edible by humans does not necessarily mean nutritious. I have been vegetarian for 6+ years and at…

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Peace N Loaf Vegetarian/Vegan Pizzeria

Entrance of Peace n Loaf - Vegetarian Pizzeria - Puerto Rico

We have known about Peace N Loaf’s Pizzeria since they opened but could not align with their time schedule when in the San Juan Metro Area. We usually visit San Juan early in the day and Peace n Loaf thankfully is open when most other vegan and vegetarian friendly places are closed. We have already…

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Taste of Vegan Brazilian Cuisine

One of the biggest issues we have as a family when we leave the house is finding options to eat. Before I became vegan in October it was a lot easier for me to find vegetarian meals on the road.  Now as a vegan living in Puerto Rico it becomes a challenge to get a…

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A year as a Vegetarian

1 year candle

  When I decided to go vegetarian last year around this time, we had just started the Veglatino site, we were about a month in a half into parenthood, and I did not know if I would last the year or break down and pass some kidney stones. Along the way I had encouragement from…

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