Peace N Loaf Vegetarian/Vegan Pizzeria

We have known about Peace N Loaf’s Pizzeria since they opened but could not align with their time schedule when in the San Juan Metro Area. We usually visit San Juan early in the day and Peace n Loaf thankfully is open when most other vegan and vegetarian friendly places are closed. We have already mentioned consuming Isa and Stephanie’s artisanal bread at the local Organic Market In La Placita de la Roosevelt many times. Since we moved to the metro area about two weeks ago, we decided to go and have dinner at the first and only vegetarian/vegan friendly pizzeria.

The Atmosphere and Menu

When we visited the restaurant, the ladies were just coming back from vacation/business trip out in the states where Stephanie mentioned that they would be opening up another Peace N Loaf in her home town in Ohio. Raul and I loved the decoration and homey feel of the place. The menu was on the wall with their specials, appetizers, and creative use of space. The wall serves as a chalk board (with chalk board paint) and eliminates paper menus and reduces the printing of new menus if something changes.

The Food and Drinks

Raul and I have said this many times; Stephanie is a master at selling her bread at the market and so it was no surprise to us that the same service we get at the market was the same service we got at the pizzeria; Excellent! She explained the cheese options which were either vegan or regular mozzarrella. A majority of the ingredients used at the pizzeria are local organics and the best thing is that if you have any type of allergy, you can let them know in advance.

We ordered the Super Veggie (mushrooms, sun dried tomato, vegan cheese, black olives, green peppers, onions and red peppers) and hummus with bread and vegan jalapeño cheese. The hummus was so creamy that our daughter had a blast dipping away and eating. We did not let the hummus go to waste and ask for more bread. The drink options we chose were watermelon and parcha juice made in-house. Don’t expect to be served in paper plates or cups. No straws are kept in the restaurant. Stephanie has commented to us in previous discussions that straws need to be eliminated everywhere. The ladies have really made the restaurant as eco-friendly as they possibly can.

Once the pizza came out, it was delicious. The crust they use is free of potassium bromate and at times they do have gluten free pizza crust (Corrected below thanks to Stephanie). I like a thin crust with an even amount of cheese and sauce. The pizza was just the way I like it and our daughter enjoyed eating at the restaurant. If you don’t want pizza, you can order a melt.  You can even buy a loaf of bread and take a piece of the pizzeria home. At the end of our meal we finally got to meet Isa, after so many years of interacting with her via Twitter.

We will be visiting Peace n Loaf more often and one of our primary places to eat since we want to support local and vegan friendly places.

We give Peace n Loaf 10 stars and recommend you stopping by the only vegetarian pizzeria in Puerto Rico.

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    • 1402 Avenida Americo Miranda Caparra Terrace, PR
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    • +1 787-293-7773
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  1. StephanieNo Gravatar on August 13, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Thank you Lucy for taking the time to narrate your experience.  It was fun for us, too! For accuracy’s sake, I want to mention that we only serve “hot potato” in the form of pizza, this being a pizza without sauce.  It features thinly sliced potatoes baked directly on top of the crust, mushrooms, onions and pesto.  Though all of our dough is low in gluten, we do not bake gluten free bread.  We do make gluten free pizza crust. Thanks again, and we are excited about your family’s recent move to San Juan.

  2. LucyNo Gravatar on August 13, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    Thanks for the corrections Stephanie. I did change the information in the post to reflect the menu options and gluten free pizza crust. We really loved the place and look forward to visiting the pizzeria soon. 

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