San Juan Vegan Eats with Asian Flavors

When I find a place that has Vegan options in Puerto Rico I feel need to share it with you so you can help me spread the word. I shared on my personal blog part of the awesome experience I had a few days ago during a business lunch  at SOGO Asian Bistro in San…

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A Vegan Alcapurria in Piñones

It had been at least 7 years probably since my last experience with an alcapurria. Out of the many fritters that are created this one is my least favorite. I guess that most of the ones I had tasted in the past where either overcooked or had the disclaimer of a heart attack written all…

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Grosellas Puerto Rican Gooseberries

Yesterday we had the pleasure of being invited to the home, office, and workspace of @TropicalBloom . Owners and Environmental Biologists Jennifer and Osvaldo, opened up their home and land for us to relax and enjoy. We walked with Osvaldo who showed us around the workspace where they cultivate the bromeliads, house fish, turtles, guinea…

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Why are you eating pegao?

I have recently been following many groups on Gplus and Facebook that are geared towards veganism because Raul is vegan. I follow these groups because I want to be able to cook good food and a variety of recipes for him. I have also been following Dr. Greene’s WhiteOut page where they will ask a…

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Mofongo with Quorn Cutlets or Vegetables

Living in Puerto Rico on a day-to-day basis can be a culinary challenge if you are a vegetarian. Some of my family members like my father, think that cooking vegetarian means cooking without any flavor. A few years ago as I started to cook vegetarian meals, I decided I wanted to make more Puerto Rican inspired…

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