A Vegan Alcapurria in Piñones

It had been at least 7 years probably since my last experience with an alcapurria. Out of the many fritters that are created this one is my least favorite. I guess that most of the ones I had tasted in the past where either overcooked or had the disclaimer of a heart attack written all over it.

For those of you not familiar with an Alcapurria it’s a fritter made of:

“An alcapurria is made from a doughy mixture of mashed tubers and root vegetables that grow on the island. The dough surrounds a center of heavily seasoned filling. Cooks spoon the filling into the center, roll the alcapurria into a distinctive peg shape and deep fry it for several minutes.”

Since I stopped eating meat I have not been able to eat some of the typical Puerto Rican treats. When I find a variation of a Puerto Rican treat that is vegan I feel obligated to try it out.

Our friends Itegue and Martin who are organic farmers and also owners of Jugos Creazion started an Organic Market in Piñones which is every last Sunday of the month.

On a one occasion they mentioned that they would have vegan alcapurrias at the market and sadly I arrived when they where all gone. On another visit to the organic market Itegue mentioned they had a dozen alcapurrias for sale and ready to be cooked. I could not resist the temptation in trying this treat I had not eaten in years. I took Itegue up on the offer and carried the box of vegan alcapurrias to the car with a big smile.

Since I don’t cook, Lucy my loyal partner in many things, made sure she cooked them. She decided to fry them and although she says she did not do a good job frying (we don’t fry much at home) I really thought those vegan alcapurrias where delicious. On our last visit to the Mercado Organico of Piñones at the COPI we where able to try the Alcapurrias made by Martin’s Dad Mr. Castro and getting the completely finished product.

For some reason these alcapurrias where much tastier and better to enjoy than the versions I had tried years before which where probably fried in lard and a mystery of other ingredients that accumulated in the frying oil.

My first experiences with a vegan alcapurria left me with the need to have one every once in a while. Itegue also mentioned that we could even bake them to make them even healthier than the fried option provided that the outer dough is prepared for baking.

When it comes to Puerto Rican treats I have to say out of the vegan versions I have tried, the Alcapurria definitely took first place.

As I wait till my next encounter with an alcapurria I wonder what other Vegan version of a Puerto Rican meal or treat can we make or try?

Any suggestions?

So you can get to know Itegue a bit better here is her performing with the Equal Rights Band at the Organic Market in Piñones. Great healthy options, beautiful people, and some  pretty awesome entertainment for the family to enjoy.



  1. Isas Bread on September 9, 2012 at 11:17 am

    No sabia que Itegue cantaba tam-bien .

  2. Raul ColonNo Gravatar on September 9, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    Si y muy bien que lo hace! 

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