Super Time at SuperFoods PR

Christmas Acai Bowl Vegan

Since we moved to the Metro Area of San Juan, Puerto Rico, I have been on the lookout for restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan options for lunch or dinner. Prior to Raul @rj_c becoming vegan, we would share desserts at @PFChangs if we dined there. But there are few places that offer vegan and…

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Vegetarian Creativity in the Pearl of the South

Last February I met a small restaurant owner and chef that operates and works in my hometown of Ponce. One of the biggest issues you can have in Puerto Rico like I have expressed on past occasions is the lack of opportunities for vegetarians to eat out. Much less have a meal prepared by a…

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Falafel Mix

Just tried this brand. It was awesome. I made about 12 falafels with 1/2 box which was about $1.50. Considering you normally get 4/5 falafels for  3 dollars I think it is a pretty good deal.

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