Listening to Our Bodies

In most occasions we live our lives ignoring many alerts we receive. How many times did we miss a stop sign or almost ran a red light. In a world where we are bombarded by information and so many alerts and distractions from our contacts, devices, and various communication channels it is difficult to listen to key alerts from our bodies.

Our culture especially in Puerto Rico where major pharmaceuticals established themselves to do experiments on the people around them it is very common to listen to our bodies and quickly fix it with a pill. I know so many people that get a light headache and quickly run to have an aspirin to take it away. Not only in Puerto Rico but in many places the quick fix is more important than finding the root cause of why the headache was started. The main reason i became vegetarian was that my body had been alerting me of not consuming meat or seafood and I just did not want to listen. I remember I use to have killer heartburn and on many occasions I was offered pills to relieve it. It was not until I decided to do a detox of eating no meat for a few weeks that I realized that many of the symptoms I was feeling where tied to my consumption of meat.

Just a few days ago I was getting a headache pretty often and I started to worry. But the main thing I did I started thinking what I was doing that was probably causing the headache. I realize that every time i vacuumed the house something I have to do almost every day due to our four legged son Juanga’s excessive shedding I would get a headache. So I decided to quickly start using hearing protection and instead of popping aspiring to relieve it.

On many occasions it is just a matter of taking away the root cause of the problems This applies in life or in our eating habits. I stopped eating meat it took away the heartburn and I started using hearing protection and the headaches stopped.

What things are you doing to relieve something before analyzing what started it?

Make sure to listen to your bodies alert system we are very privileged to have it for a reason?


Any other situations similar to mine that you want to share?

by wildxplorer


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