The Way Life Should Be

Qué Linda Está La Mañana.  That’s the start of an old song from Mexico. I say that today. Almost out loud. Before the sunrise.  Before the storm picks up again.  Before my power outage is restored. Before the cars slosh through the wet streets.   I love the mañanas. They are so peaceful.  The Way…

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Decisions in Vegan Nutrition

Many of us have the bad habits of trying to eat things that might not be as healthy as we think they are. In the perfect world everything edible, with moderation, would bring nutritional value. Reality is everything, edible by humans does not necessarily mean nutritious. I have been vegetarian for 6+ years and at…

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Plant, Grow, and Eat!

This is a guest blog post by our friend Dwight Santana. @Slayerkun on Twitter.  Lately I have discovered a passion for plants. Throughout the process I realized that I can plant, grow, and depending what seeds I purchase, eat. Mostly I have been planting flowers and other type of decorative plants, until I tried to…

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A year as a Vegetarian

1 year candle

  When I decided to go vegetarian last year around this time, we had just started the Veglatino site, we were about a month in a half into parenthood, and I did not know if I would last the year or break down and pass some kidney stones. Along the way I had encouragement from…

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