Life adjustments, Eat Smart, and Exercise Courtesy of @DrOz

This is a guest post courtesy of Chenille Hernandez. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a well-known heart surgeon, whose wealth of knowledge on the body and health is impeccable.  So impeccable that he has his own TV show and will be taking the Oprah Winfrey’s show spot on daytime TV.

Photo Credit Chenille Hernandez

I was honored and privileged to hear him speak on June 9th at ESPN Inc. where I work.  What he spoke about made so much sense and is super easy to maintain in your everyday life.  They are probably big adjustments in most people’s lives, but they are easy ones.  Don’t we all want to live a healthy fun filled life? Well let’s start off with some basic big life adjustments. This is my take away on what I learned and am trying to live by.

First off know that You control 70% of how well you live.

So try to maintain your blood pressure at the ideal number of 115/75-  easy ways to do that is:
No cigarettes/smoking, or other body toxins
Exercise 30 min daily
Healthy diet that is easy to love
Control your stress levels

Having too much fat around the waistline does not help your health situation either.  It also doesn’t help in the summer when you want to wear a bikini. Your Ideal waist size should be your height divided by 2. My suggestion would be to measure yourself and try to maintain this number.

High fiber is needed for your body in order to have great health.  High Fiber slows the transit of food, which increases satiety (the condition of being full or gratified beyond the point of satisfaction). Konjac fiber is from Asia, look into it to help with your diet.

Fructose in beverages block fat messages to the brain, which in turn leads to you eating 125 Calorie more than usual. 60% of the brain is fat, so cut out your soda intake as well as all the other beverages containing tons of fructose. Drink Water People!

To help drop ghrelin (starving feeling or overeating), 30 minutes before you have a meal, eat some fruit or nuts. This will help you to not over eat.  @DrOz does this every day!

Another thing important point for everyone is to take your vitamins just like your grandmother always told you!

Some important Supplements are:
-Vitamins a,b,c,d,e or a multivitamin
-Minerals, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc Omega 3, whole foods, aspirin (over the age of 50)
-Vitamin d3 and omega 3 fatty acids- cod liver oil
You don’t need to take every single one of these vitamins, but make sure you are having some type of intake of most of them.

Hope these little adjustments help you out!

Live well, Live Long!  Be happy, and put everyone’s stress in the garbage, breath, meditate, and exercise!


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