Peace N Loaf Vegetarian/Vegan Pizzeria

Entrance of Peace n Loaf - Vegetarian Pizzeria - Puerto Rico

We have known about Peace N Loaf’s Pizzeria since they opened but could not align with their time schedule when in the San Juan Metro Area. We usually visit San Juan early in the day and Peace n Loaf thankfully is open when most other vegan and vegetarian friendly places are closed. We have already…

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Eating Vegetarian & Vegan Isla Verde

When we are out and about, we try to always bring some food just in case there aren’t any restaurants that cater to our hunger pains. Sometimes if we know that we will be out, we will go to our regular places such as Sakura’s Restaurant for Vegetarian Sushi Rolls in Caguas, Puerto Rico or…

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We’ve Got Collard Greens

For a major part of the year last, I was reading about the leafy greens that were going to give us a nutritional boost. My mission was to find as many leafy greens as possible. I wanted collard greens but they did not sell them at the local stores and read about the benefits of…

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Grosellas Puerto Rican Gooseberries

Yesterday we had the pleasure of being invited to the home, office, and workspace of @TropicalBloom . Owners and Environmental Biologists Jennifer and Osvaldo, opened up their home and land for us to relax and enjoy. We walked with Osvaldo who showed us around the workspace where they cultivate the bromeliads, house fish, turtles, guinea…

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