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Sunset in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

When we are out and about, we try to always bring some food just in case there aren’t any restaurants that cater to our hunger pains. Sometimes if we know that we will be out, we will go to our regular places such as Sakura’s Restaurant for Vegetarian Sushi Rolls in Caguas, Puerto Rico or P.F. Chang’s in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

La Playita Restaurant

On one of Raul’s recent trips to San Juan, specifically Isla Verde, he visited our friend Melvin. They went out for lunch at

La Playa Hotel’s La Playita Restaurant and Wine Lounge that overlooks the water . Raul stated that they had vegan and vegetarian options to eat. And yesterday we headed out to Isla Verde to spend time with Melvin and enjoy the beach. As it is a holiday weekend, we decided to wait out the traffic and just spend more time watching the sunset begin.

We were hungry by the time we bathed our daughter and decided to head out to La Playita. When we got there, which is just a short walk on the beach from our friend’s home, the restaurant and bar was full. There was live music for the clientele to enjoy and our daughter was ready to dance and she did.

Menu options at La Playita

I looked over the menu and they had more options than what I thought. They had Spinach and Feta Turnovers, about four come on a plate for an appetizer. Sauteed Mushrooms with vegetables served with pita, and Hummus with pita bread. That was our starter dish. For dinner we had vegetable wraps that came with a side order of fries. The servings were enough for the four of us. They also have salads that you can probably ask to omit any bacon, seafood, or cheese if you are vegan.

Vegetable Wrap La Playita Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

I was so hungry that I ate more than my share of mushrooms, hummus, spinach and feta turnovers, and only ate half of my vegetable wrap. What I liked about the food was that it looked simple, but the taste was amazing. Sometimes the most simplest foods on a menu end up being the tastiest. I need to learn how to make those spinach and feta turnovers for us at home with probably a substitute cheese for Raul.

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Our friend Melvin said that the first time they went to the restaurant was his first experience eating a great tasting mushroom dish. I was glad that he ventured into eating a new dish  because sometimes we just get stuck ordering the same things when we go out and don’t try different things. I am not a mushroom lover, but when it is prepared well, I can eat my share.

If you come to visit Puerto Rico and need a cozy, off the beaten path restaurant, that caters to everyone’s palate, I would definately go back to La Playita, in Isla Verde  to eat again.

You can download their menu here.

Have you ever gone to La Playita? 

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