Animal Welfare of Culebra’s TSP (trap, spay-neuter, release) Project

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We are always willing to help any animal that comes our way or any organization that dedicates itself to helping strays. Terrie  who volunteers at the Animal Welfare of Culebra posted this today on their Facebook Wall about a TSP Project  (Trap, Spay-Neuter, Release) going on in May.

Here are the details and contact Terrie or Animal Welfare of Culebra for more information:

” Animal Welfare of Culebra (AWC) in partnership with the Humane Society of PR, All Sato Rescue, The Animal Project, Island Dog, the Municipality of Culebra, & others is sponsoring a large-scale TNR (trap, spay-neuter, release) program on Culebra.

We have identified 5 areas to target for stray cats (one including Flamenco beach) & will be trapping, sterilizing, vaccinating, treating for medical issues, & then releasing back to live as a healthy, managed colonies.

We’ll have several veterinarians on island & vet techs as well as experts in TRN from the states & are seeking folks to help with a variety of jobs (catching, trapping, cleaning cages, feeding, watering, labeling, etc.).

This project will be ongoing from May 2-8 (surgeries on May 5 & 6th) & we’ll need folks helping from the 2nd (truck arriving from main island with supplies to unload/secure at La Cancha Bajo Techo-gym across from Palmetto) & then starting on the 3rd, catching & trapping-thus feeding, & cleaning.

This project can have a big impact on Culebra for the animals & people! Please won’t you offer a hand?


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