Vegetarian Options for Brunch at Café Pierre @doubletreesju

Yesterday we were invited to a complimentary brunch buffet at Café Pierre located within the Double Tree Hilton San Juan (@doubletreesju) along with other invited individuals and their families. The buffet brunch includes options for breakfast and lunch.

They are open for brunch from 9:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. The vegetarian options we found at the buffet included, pancakes, French toast, assorted fruit, wheat germ, granola mix, yogurt, mixed fruit salad, crepes, cold and hot cereal for children and adults. Their scrambled eggs with chives were delicious and firm.

If you wanted to have fruit such as bananas, blueberries, grapes, and oranges, you could find them scattered about the tables. If you are a bread lover, the assortment included croissants, bagels, English muffins, wheat, and white toast.

I have to say that my favorite breakfast item was the pancakes. They are a good size for children and adults. There were all sorts of toppings that you could include. And if you wanted a customized pancake with dried fruit, nuts, seeds, dried cranberries, or raisins mixed in, all you have to do is ask the waiter and chef for your personalized pancake. You can top the pancakes with maple syrup, raspberry, blueberry, and regular syrup toppings. They even have agave and every chocolate lovers dream Nutella.

They do have a salad station with an assortment of toppings that could be used for the pasta station such as artichoke hearts, olives, assorted shredded cheeses, carrots, and olives. The pasta was served plain and a little bland but that is what toppings such as sun dried tomatoes, marinara, or Alfredo sauce are for. With the ability to customize your pasta, I could have asked for some pesto or other vegetable with the pasta for the lunch option. Mind you I also had to feed my little one while trying to choose from the buffet.


Besides the food being good, the service from the staff was great. Our waiter was named Vicente and he introduced himself to us. He stated that if there was anything we needed to let him know. At one point he brought out some ice cream for the children that were there; this special attention is something that caught my eye because it is rare to see this at restaurants. I noticed other staff members engaging with the older children by offering them crayons and coloring activities.

Café Pierre is definitely vegetarian and family friendly. If you are in the Condado area, on a Sunday, and getting ready to site see for the day, definitely fill up on the brunch. You can visit their site for information about pricing and parking.

Disclosure: We where invited by the Doubletree on a Complimentary Brunch. Even though our brunch was an invitation by the Cafe Pierre and the Doubletree we don’t feel that this influenced the writing of this post in any way.


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