@UrbanAccents Kabob Kit Made Easy

I like making veggie kabobs whenever I get a chance. I have made them with @Gardein Home-Style Beefless Tips but sometimes I just want the veggies. My only problem is that sometimes, I want to have a different flavor with my kabobs and I don’t know what spices to mix together. Last week while I was purchasing some items in Marshalls, I came across these kabob kits from a company called Urban Accents.

Urban Accents Kabob Kits

I decided I was going to buy them and test them out with some veggies. The kit comes along with pre-blended spices and skewers. The directions are pretty easy; soak the skewers in water if you are going to grill them, add 1/2 cup of vegetable or olive oil, marinade or put over the ingredients you are going to use for the kabobs.

I decided I was going to try the Spicey African Grill Kit Fiery Peri Peri & Garlic Spice. I marinated the veggies and about an 1/2 hour later put them on metal skewers and into the oven. We purchased a metal skewer kit so we wouldn’t have to soak the skewers. And since I don’t grill much, I used the oven. I put the kabobs on at 350 degrees ¬†for about 20 minutes and made sure that the veggies were cooked.


You can not get any simpler than that. This particular blend is fiery and spicey so if you like heat you will like this one. For myself and my mate it was too fiery. What I should have done was look on the website for any additional ingredients to add to veggies. It does say to add additional lime juice to cut down on the heat.

I will be trying the other blends, Mediterranean and Teriyaki, within the next couple of days to see how they taste.

Have tried @UrbanAccents products?

What other spice companies have pre-blended spices that you like?


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