SuperFoods at Punta Las Marias


Since we moved to the Metro Area of San Juan, Puerto Rico, I have been on the lookout for restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan options for lunch or dinner. Prior to Raul @rj_c becoming vegan, we would share desserts at @PFChangs if we dined there. But there are few places that offer vegan and vegetarian treats that please both our palates while being nutritious. Add to the mix our almost three year old daughter, who will try food from mommy’s plate, we want to make sure that what she intakes is delicious and healthy.

I came across the SuperFoodsPR Facebook page from someone who visited the place when we moved to the area. SuperFoodsPR creates smoothies and fruit bowls with Açaí berries as one of its main ingredients. The Açaí berry is considered one of the top ten super foods you could consume. You can find more information about this berry here.

Fresh Bananas and Granola

To SuperFoods We Go!

From the outside it looks like a small store, but when you enter, there are plenty of stools and three counters for clients to sit and see how the smoothies and Açaí bowls are made. There is a table in the middle with another seat made from wood pallets.  There other tables in the back, the music is relaxing, and it is always filled with customers. The menu is listed on a chalkboard, reducing paper waste. Their bowls are made from wood and they use eco-friendly cups for their smoothies.

Açai blended with...

Christmas Coquito Bowl

They have seasonal bowls and recently  Raul had the vegan version (sans Gingerbread cookie) of the Christmas Coquito Bowl. The açaí is mixed with coquito, topped with pomegrante, granola, banana, and coconut shreds. Our daughter enjoyed this bowl with her dad and she can help eat half of the bowl. If you need to pick-up some organic foods or vitamins, you can find a variety of items for purchase.

Christmas Acai Bowl Vegan

This post was originally published at it is walking distance from Isla Verde hotels and its worth the stop.

You can look at their menu to see other options available along with a list of organic ingredients you can add to your bowls. We will definitely go back and try other bowls.

Have you gone to SuperFoods Puerto Rico?


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