Product Review Worthington Loma Linda and MorningStar Part 1 of 2

Vege-Burger Worthington LomaLinda

I remember talking to my partner prior to joining him in Puerto Rico about his lifestyle change regarding food. He told me he was giving up meat and fish and adapting to a vegetarian lifestyle. I started to laugh at him because he had given his friend, who is a Jain, such a hard time when they would travel for work and needed to find a restaurant with vegetarian options. To a certain point, I did not believe that he was going to be vegetarian.

When I moved in 2006, I wondered and thought to myself okay since I will be cooking the majority of our meals, what am I going to use as protein besides beans and tofu. One afternoon I went to the supermarket and came upon a section in canned food aisle that had a product called Worthington Loma Linda Fri-Chiks, Vege-Burger, and Redi-Burger.

They had patties, stakeletts, and vegetarian burgers. Skallops, Vege-Links, and I could keep going but if you go on their site, you can see all of the products they have for cooking. The good thing is that they have a wide variety of product with endless uses for Latino cuisine. My partner has their Stripples or how we like to call it Vegeneta for breakfast everyday (vegetarian tocineta ). Those who are Vegan will not be able to consume this particular product because it is made with egg.

My favorite product to use is the Vege-Burger. It is a crumble that resembles ground protein. I have used it in lasagna, piononos, eggplant lasagna, canoas, tacos, burritos, beans, Shepherd’s pie, stuffed cabbage, green peppers, and manicotti. I have even used Vege-Burger to make wontons and spring rolls.

If you purchase their products, whether frozen or canned, I don’t think you will have an issue using them. Make sure to season the products because they do not come pre-seasoned.

I’ll write about their sister company Morningstar in my next post.

Have any of you ever cooked with Worthington Loma Linda products?

What product of theirs was your favorite?



  1. RitaNo Gravatar on December 1, 2023 at 9:02 pm

    I love Worthington foods, but they have become very expensive. The can of Suoer Links now has only six. Before it had eight. The price remains very high. Over $8. The Prosage and the Turkey are way too expensive.

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