Product Review Part 2 of 2 of Worthington Loma Linda and Morningstar Farms

Last week I reviewed the sister site of Morningstar Farms, Worthington Loma Linda and their products. Morningstar Farms has many pre-made and pre-flavored products that I use in my home quite often. As I wrote in my previous post, many of my friends can look to these products as options for their families.

I had one friend try the Canoas recipe with the Sausage Patties from MorningStar Farms and loved the product. I had suggested the Sausage -Style Recipe Crumbles because it is pre-flavored and it is spicy. The sweetness of the ripe plantain and the spice of the sausage crumble make a great fit. I also used the Sausage crumble in a grinder and to spread over pasta. They do have a pre-made lasagna that my partner loved and purchased quite a few for those days that I am not up to cooking extensive meals.


We initially bought the buffalo wings and chickn nuggets as snacks. I have put them on salads and even in soups. In my opinion the buffalo wings are spicy  for my palate but with blue cheese they taste great. I had tasted the breakfast patties and links previously in the states but sometimes they are hard to find in Puerto Rico. We usually go with the Stripples in the morning. Some of the breakfast products contain eggs so those who are Vegan will need to read the labels.

Today I tried the Chik’n Enchilada for lunch. It did have the flavors that are used in cooking Mexican dishes, but it did need a little bit of salt and citrus. If you like a lot of salsa, add some more to the pre-made dish. I usually like lots of salsa on my tacos or fajitas. But that is my taste and opinion. Since I did not have a microwave, it did take my meal 35 minutes at 350 degrees in my oven. The good thing is that I could take care of my daughter while the meal was cooking.

Overall, if you want healthy snacks like the buffalo wings for a super bowl party or appetizers, looking to cook a sausage flavored Italian dishes, or pop a quick meal in the microwave, then look for the Morningstar Farms products in the freezer section. Their site has a multitude of recipes and other pre-made products such as vegetable burgers, breakfast meals, and other dinner options. There is a wider variety of products available in the states then where we purchased our supplies in Puerto Rico so we are limited to what we can try.

Have you purchased Morningstar Farms products? What is your favorite?





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