Product Review on Quorn

We purchased several products of a brand called Quorn. They sell several items such as Meatless Meatball, Chik’ N Tenders, Chik’N Nuggets, and Turk’ Y Roast. We purchased these items and tested them out this week. We had the Meatless Meatballs with peppers and onion on a grinder with mozzarella cheese. We liked the texture and flavor. I added the Chik’ N Tenders in beans and they did prove to absorb the flavor of the gravy from the beans.

I made the Turk’ Y Roast according to the frozen instructions on the package. This product can be used for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The product itself is small and round shaped as opposed to the other “ dinner roast” we use from Loma Linda that is longer. You can get more servings out of the Loma Linda product than the Quorn. It cooked in forty-five minutes at 425. I did cut the pieces and heated them a bit in olive oil. I made a mushroom gravy sauce and poured it over the round pieces with sautéed potatoes and tomatoes.

I would use this product again but defrost it first, marinate, then cook. They do include recipes on the package and website that you could follow. Quorn also has pre-flavored products.

Do you like using vegetarian/vegan products that are already flavored or do you prefer to add your own seasoning?

Have you tried Quorn products previously? What did you make?


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