Our ThanksGiving Meal @VegLatino

When I woke up on Thursday morning, I knew I had lots of cutting and preparing to do. Thankfully Raul took care of the baby when she woke up and I was able to proceed with our meal. Our meal was a mixture of vegan and vegetarian recipes.

For breakfast I made Orange Cranberry Muffins. I prepared them the night before so I could eat and work quickly. When you have an 11 month old who is speed crawling, every second is precious.

I also made some Rosemary Olive Oil Potato Wedges. There are three of us so I cut two potatoes. Drizzle with olive oil and make sure you coat them all. Add sprinkle dried or fresh rosemary over potatos. Season with Salt and Pepper. Depending on the type of potato, some might take longer than others. I put them in the oven for about forty minutes or until fork tender and golden brown. These were great for the baby because they were big enough for her to hold herself.

I also made Cranberry Chutney the day before. Raul did not like it much but I just can’t live without cranberries. They help me when I pass kidney stones, which hasn’t been for awhile this year.

I wanted some stuffing so I made a Quinoa Stuffing, modified the quantities for three people, and put them into muffin cups. These came in pretty handy when feeding our daughter and good for on-the-go food during our outings this weekend.

I knew I wanted to make a pie or tart, so I think I made a mixture of both. I wanted to eat something with pears that was going to be refreshing. So I borrowed some ideas from a recipe and added granola on top.

I made some yellow squash and zucchini circles with onions. And some Sweet Potato circles sprinkled with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove for our daughter. She is used to all of these flavors because I have been exposing her to them since she was six months old.

Even though we were all getting over a cold, and my tastebuds were not all that great, our meal was a healthy one. We bought a soy dinner roast and I topped that off with a mushroom gravy that included chanterelles, baby bellas, and shiitake mushrooms. To give us an extra boost of protein, I added chia seeds to the gravy.

The good thing about all the cooking was seeing my daughter eating everything on her tray. I have include some of the links to the recipes that I used. I did modify recipes because I was cooking for three. One of us only had two teeth.

What was on your ThanksGiving Menu? 



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