Labeling Vegetarian Products as Meat Substitutes

If the Veggie Product tastes like meat you are scaring me!

Months ago we bought a product that was made out of a vegetable protein and supposedly tasted like shrimp.

I have not eaten shrimp in a long time more than 6 years. Even when I use to eat it one of the most disgusting things I would find was when a small piece of its shell would go into my mouth. When I had my first bite I realized I had made a large mistake in buying such a product. The main reason why I bought the product was to review it here on VegLatino. Given that I could not eat the product or really enjoy it I did not think it would be appropriate to post a review.

No bones or Shells for me

I guess before I was vegetarian I would not enjoy either bones or shells in my mouth. Now just the thought of it really bothers me. One of the last times I visited New York I went to Lunch with my good friend Niti she has been vegetarian all her life and we stopped at a Thai restaurant that had a vast vegetarian menu. One of the menu items was faux duck in a sauce I can’t recall.

The previous time I had eaten duck was while visiting Cincinnati where I had it with ribs a year before I became vegetarian. When I had my first bite of the vegetarian protein that tasted like Duck the consistency was so close to the real thing I ended leaving my plate to the side and not being able to eat it.

My Mind Plays Tricks on me when I eat Fake Meat

On those two occasions my mind did play tricks on me and did not allow me to move forward in eating the rest.

During my almost 6 years as a vegetarian I have to say that I have tried many vegetable proteins that market themselves as one meat or the other.

Labeling Vegetarian Products as Meat Substitutes

I am not sure how appealing it is too other vegetarians to see a package with the label that states that the meal tastes like the real thing.

I am more than sure that those products are more focused on people that don’t want to leave meat but are experimenting to become vegetarian that is great. But I rather have a product stating that it taste like awesome vegetables than meat.

More Vegetables

At the household we have been moving towards eating more vegetables and staying away from most of these vegetable proteins simulating meat because we feel a lot better when we eat the vegetables in their natural form.

What are your thoughts on how these companies market their products to the masses? Should there be an exclusive brand label for the masses (who are looking for meat substitutes) and one for vegetarians who want their veggies to taste like veggies?


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