@jetblue Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly Airline

As many of you know I am a huge fan of @jetblue for many reasons but being vegetarian creates another reason why I love the Airline so Much. During my trip to Los Angeles a little more than a week ago I made it a task to make sure I got to eat more than three meals on my long day of Travel.

I left San Juan at about 10 am EST And got to LA About 11pm est. so in between I had a flight from San Juan to JFK and from JFK to LAX.

I started my trip with my first vegetarian friendly meal of the day as part of the Eat Up Tasty Boxed Meals Menu @jetblue offers in the air which offers the following vegetarian friendly options.

Wake Up

Bauli® Classic Croissant
Bonne Maman® Gourmet Strawberry Jam
Justin’s® All-Natural Almond Butter
Cheez-It® Crackers
Dole® Fruit Cup
Horizon™ Chocolate Milk


Shape Up

Wild Garden™ Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus
New York Style® Pita Chips
Sheffa Zesty Snack Mix
Emerald® Natural Almonds
Sun-Maid® Raisins
Brothers All Natural Asian Pear Fruit Crisps


Cheer Up

Trio Of Premium Cheeses: Swiss, Smoked Cheddar And Hot Pepper
Dried Apples And Cranberries

(images of Jetblue Snacks are from Jetblue’s Website)

I choose the Shape Up which actually served as my large snack in between breakfast and lunch that including a few of the free snack options filled me up pretty good especially the PopCorners Popcorn Chips which where amazing I wonder if I could get a hold of these in Puerto Rico.

When I landed in New York’s JFK also better known to @jetblue fans like me as T5. The modern look of the terminal makes you want every airport to have a modern terminal like this one. I walked towards my favorite restaurant Deep Blue where the options are at a very decent price (especially at an airport) and the menu options are not only presented in a very attractive way they are also very tasty.


I started my meal with an avocado roll with some hot tea.

As an entree I choose the Grilled Vegetables which where served as kabobs and those japanese mushrooms where well worth the plate’s price.

I ended having dessert which was a lemon sorbet (although I could have lived without the whipped cream) it was very refreshing to get ready for my next flight.

On my flight from JFK to LAX I went ahead and asked for more of those unlimited snacks served on the @jetblue flight and a Cheer Up to bring up the energy of arriving in LA.

I guess I always have @jetblue as my first option to Travel and given how easy they make it for my as a vegetarian they will keep on staying on the top of your list.

As a vegetarian what other options do you look for when you are traveling? Any other travel tips on where to find vegetarian foods in airports or airlines?


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