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Becoming vegetarian can be overwhelming given all the rules you have to follow. If you are like me and did not pay attention at the beginning to the ingredients that where in everything, I thought I was vegetarian while I was still consuming meat byproducts. A good example was my favorite soup French Onion Soup. I guess I should have taken my guess on the French part since France’s cuisine for the most part is not vegetarian or vegan friendly.

I had this soup a few times and it was the only thing giving me an food reaction. I looked at the ingredients and saw that it is made either with beef or chicken stock. The same thing happened to me with Miso Soup. Since it had Tofu in it, I thought that made it vegetarian. Needles to say that Miso Soup is made out of fish stock.

There are many ingredients that are added to food that look vegetarian friendly. This is a good reason to create a series of items that look vegetarian friendly and they are really not.

I found this App VeganIsEasy for the Iphone that can help you determine what ingredients are vegan friendly.

It divides them in Vegan, Possible Vegan, and Non-Vegan.

It also provides a list  of Vegan Friendly Booze items such as beer and wine. It also uses the Vegan, Possible Vegan, and Non-Vegan. With a detailed list of which items satisfy the vegan needs.

Do you guys know of any other vegan friendly apps for smartphones that can make everyone’s life easier?

I think that it is great to see so many apps helping us choose the vegan and/or vegetarian friendly ingredients.

Download Vegan Is Easy App from itunes

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