Vegan Friendly Casabe Restaurant

As we drove to the west coast and received the news, via a “For Rent” sign, that our favorite restaurant in Joyudas which caters to vegans and vegetarians was closed, we decided to stop by our favorite placita in Cabo Rojo to get some coffee and snacks for Grandma.

Plaza de Cabo Rojo

Like many other local coffee places in Puerto Rico, they did not have any Soy or milk substitute. I usually ask for my coffee with coconut milk at this particular stand and they did not even have that available on this particular afternoon. As I watched the rest of my family have their toast & coffee, my uncle decided to walk around and search for a restaurant with vegan options. My uncle stopped at Casabe and asked Gabriela, who seem to be the waitress/hostess, if there where any vegetarian or vegan options. She answered yes and explained the options and went even further by offering a dish created by the chef if the options available did not coincide with our needs.

Street of Casabe – Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

The Walk Toward the Restaurant

As I walked towards the restaurant, I was skeptical about the vegetarian and vegan options due to past disappointments. I was waiting for the moment I could prove this place was not fit for my Vegan lifestyle. After we were seated, I started asking Gabriela many questions where many others waiters would have given up on me, Gabriela very nicely explained the process of how they prepare the options I could order. As an appetizer she recommended a soup that was made of a few root vegetables I can’t recall including Yautia. They won me over when they where thoughtful enough to make a small batch without any beef or chicken stock. I have to say the soup was delicious even after the recipe modifications they made to fit my needs. We also requested some potatoes for my 18-month daughter. They made sure we got her food first confirming they are a family-oriented restaurant.

Potatoes for the Baby

As a main course I requested the only vegan plate on the menu that made me feel like the food critic in one of my favorite Disney movies Ratatouille. I had the Ratatouille plate that was delicious. This helped Casabe seal the deal in making me a future patron.

Ratatouille @ Casabe

After having a coffee and enjoying our meal I left with a big smile and wanting to return. Casabe will become my go-to restaurant in Cabo Rojo that caters to vegans like me.

Cafe at Casabe Restaurant

Visit or Contact Casabe

Calle Barbosa #53 Esq. Baldiority Cabo Rojo, PR

Phone: (787)851-1888 |  (787)851-1888


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