Think before you eat

I remember as a kid when my mom gave me a “Chuleta” or a  piece of “biztec” I would start thinking of what I was eating and I clearly would not want to eat any more. There where many things that really bothered me about eating animals. I guess since I grew up around very loyal meat eaters ( our freezer was always full of red meat) I became one too.

I also remember how my mom would get mad because I would eat the meat and leave anything that was near bones. When you look at it, many people will suck on a bone and enjoy it. One of the best examples is when she made “muslitos de pollo”.  I would almost gag when I saw anything similar to blood on the bone of my muslitos. Another thing I was forced to eat in one occasion was Tongue to try it at least once. I remember I never touched it again. Another moment in my childhood was when there was a big feast at my Grandfather Nacho’s house ( he lives like a hermit in the country side) and he killed ducks in front of me. I remember to this day the images of blood all over the wall that was near where those ducks lost their lives.

I was never much of a fan of eating things that where considered the leftovers or scraps of meat. The fact that I have always enjoyed good presentation on a plate versus quantity of food might also help me stay away from that.

I look back and you can really understand how people have been so far away of the process of killing an animal many times they don’t even realize they are eating one. You go to the supermarket and choose a filet of meat that hardly has any blood left on it. Let’s not forget all the other stuff that is put into meat so it is more appealing to the visual eye.

Now that I am vegetarian I can clearly say that I can visualize what I am eating and not have a problem with the way it was processed.

Do you internalize what you are eating? If you don’t why not?

by oedipusphinx — — — — theJWDban


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