Teaching Juanga (Black Labrador) Sign Language

I am in search of a sign language coach for Juanga. My four-legged son Juanga  was accused by one of my neighbors (anonymous note was left) of barking all night long. The part that makes it a false accusation is that the neighbor stated that Juanga woud not let them sleep all night because of his barking.
Juanga is not the perfect dog and with the help of someone like Cesar Milan we might be able to  fix many things like the following:
  • Chewing on Furniture
  • Destroying Futons (He only did it once but I am sure if we bought another one and gave Juanga some time with it he would repeat his infamous act).
  • Eating Daniela’s Food
  • Eating my Food
  • Serving as Daniela’s Napkin (although Daniela has no complaints she actually smiles when this happens)
  • Taking my Shoes outside (he does less of this)
  • Taking my Space on the Bed
  • Crying because he wants to go into the Air Conditioning
  • Crying because we have not gone to bed
  • Eating Duct Tape
Overall, barking all night is just not Juanga’s thing.  A typical night for Juanga is at around 10pm crying and whining so we can open the door to our bedroom so he can go to bed. Being able to sleep under our feet is something that Juanga looks forward to.
If Juanga really barked all night it would be impossible for Daniela, me, and Lucy to sleep. Instead of barking Juanga rather recharge energy  throughout the night for all the mischief of his regular dog days (digging holes, chasing birds, and running up and down the stairs).

What does this have to do with Veglatino?

In Puerto Rico, there is a huge issue with animal abuse. One of my neighbors even suggested that I put a collar that gives him electrical shocks so he would not bark. People here see dogs as wild animals that should be left outside tied somewhere and thrown food at them.

My biggest worry is that in Puerto Rico it is normal for neighbors to poison a dog just because he barks or it bothers them. On an Island where Politicians and some businesses run loud ads thru the streets to get attention creating noise pollution and nobody complains, it makes it hard for me to understand how the bark of a dog can be a big deal.

There are several reasons why a dog will bark especially one like JuanGa: Someone is close to the house, he sees a threat to the property, he needs food, water, or to go to the bathroom, or even maybe to lie down in the grass to soak up some sun.

Our Island is a place where material things are more important than a living being. It is ok to have a car that sounds like a jumbo jet engine but a poor dog barking deserves to die or to be put to sleep.

As part of Veglatino’s purposes we will be sharing stories related to animal abuse and how the mentality of many islanders is more inclined towards animal abuse.  It is great that organizations like Sasfa (animal no Kill shelter) and Culebra Animal Wealthfare foundation exist but we need many more of them because we have many more idiots who are firm believers in abusing dogs for nor legitimate reasons.
For now I will be looking into a Dog Whisperer that can teach dogs how to whisper or do sign language. In the meanwhile the two mentioned organizations need your help with donations. The Island mentality makes it very difficult for our four legged friends to have a good life and these two organizations do everything possible to make their lives better. Feel free to send a donation or if you are in the island serve as a volunteer.

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