Organic Valentine’s Day Treat!

As I was taking a break from the long day of tending to baby and the dog, I sat down to watch the Cooking Channel. The show that was airing was Food Crafters with Aida MollenKamp and the subject was Cacao. The last part of the show was about a couple and the girl’s mother who teamed up to create a company called Blackbird Naturals. The owners of this organic company are Andrea, Alexandra, Amy, and Anthony. For those who are looking for a company that provides an organic treat, this might be the option for you to send to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. If you are daring and love a spicy treat (What Latino doesn’t like some heat in their food), you can try their new truffle Spicy Cinnamon; flavors familiar in many Latino households.

Not only do they work together to make a handmade Cacao Fudge Truffles but the proceeds also go to sustaining an organic garden, planting trees, and caring for the animals that live on their property. This includes caring for chickens, ladybugs, dogs, earthworms, and scorpions just to name a few. They have even posted what their community is growing to contribute back to the earth. You can purchase organic superfood and vegetables seeds to grow in your backyard from their store.

Blackbird Naturals has pictures and videos of how they are caring for Mother Nature. This is an example of green living from the cacao they use for their truffles to the eggs they eat in the morning.

To find out more about the company, you can go to the link below.

Follow them on twitter: @BlackbirdChirps


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