One too many drinks…

I only have a drink on special occasions or  about every 3 months. I made this decision back in 2007 while I was training at the Gym with a personal trainer who is now a good friend of mine. Everytime I had a few drinks, it would really affect my performance when Pedro pushed me to new limits. I use to drink and go to the Gym the next day for years. The difference was that I would only do as much as my body allowed. But Pedro made sure I kept progressing while training and the situation completely changed.

Because I listened to my body and hated the way I felt after drinking,  I ended up trying to stay away from alcohol consumption. I have gone months or even over a year with out touching alcohol. On an island where many people can’t seem to stay away from a cocktail or beer, I have steered clear from having a drink everytime I am offered one.

There are many occasions where I do agree to have a drink and it is because I ran into someone I had not seen for a while or like meeting a bunch of people at #SXSW.

One thing that is very consistent; my body tells me that I shouldn’t have anymore. Last week I had one too many drinks. My plan was to have one drink and I invited staff from my client to have a drink with me. The drinks kept on coming from people around me to the point that I could not keep and I ended skipping drink number 3 to number 4 because the ice melted. Overall I had 3 cocktails and my body quickly alerted me that I should have stopped at one.

I had dinner and later started getting drowsy. Although I had work to do, I could not focus or keep my head in the game so I decided to go to bed early at about 10:30pm (The earliest I go to bed is at 1:30am). I usually work till late and get lots of stuff done. This is the only way I can keep blog posts on various blogs and take care of my clients each and every day.

As human beings we make this decisions over and over again knowing what the consequences will be. Not only did it slow me down but now I did not finish some tasks that I wanted to finis.

How many times do you consume something that your body is not too happy to receive?

photo credit by .:[ Melissa ]:.


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