My Grandpa (Don Nacho) does not eat much meat

My grandfather Ignacio better known as Don Nacho barely eats meat. He grew up living in the Puerto Rican countryside with so many brothers around him he had to survive with the bare minimum. My great grandfather apparently was into having many kids to the point I will let you guess how many brothers my Grandfather had?

After more than a decade of not going up to his little shack in Tibes up in the Mountains of Ponce, PR  (my home town) I had the opportunity to visit him once again.  I remember how big I use to see his house as a kid being an adult I realized it only has enough room for one full bed in the bedroom a small room to greet people and a even small kitchen which he has a stove but not even a fridge. If you could look for the definition of a minimalist I think my Grandfather Nacho would fit directly into it.

Eating Fresh Ingredients

It has been so long and I think as an adult it is the first time I realize he does not have a refrigerator. However he does have fruits and vegetable that grow around his house which he consumes when he needs to. Nacho also has spices and other items that he remove very easily from the plants that grow around his house. My grandfather is about to turn 86 years old and he is extremely healthy.

Grandpa Hardly ever Eats Meat

Since he grew up during a time where meat was very scarce grandpa does eat meat every once in a while or once a month. In Puerto Rico where people find it hard to not eat meat every day it is unique that my Grandpa looks and is so healthy by having less meat intake. The fact he does not have a fridge also makes it even less probable of him storing meat. Not only is my grandfather eco-friendly for not consuming much meat he saves on electricity by not having a fridge.

Plenty of Vegetables and Fruits

Ever since I can remember arriving at Gradpa Nacho’s house was the opportunity to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Around his small shack you can see passion fruit, bananas, beans, limes, lemons, oranges, plantain, chilis, Guava, and many other plants that I might not recall.

Other than the fruit that grows in trees he has a small table where you can see a variety of other fruits and vegetables which he has traded or bought from his neighbors around him. I guess my Grandfather having worked well into his 70’s in construction and being a World War II veteran that was dishonorably discharged by the military losing his pention (under an issue related to Discrimination of him being Puerto Rican) he has learned on how to survive with the bare minimum.

But even better yet I have not met someone who is more eco friendly that grandpa.

He takes what he needs from the Soil to survive and does not deplete our resources just for the heck of it. I have learned a lot from Grandpa over the years and in just one visit it was overwhelming how much I was able to capture.


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