It’s Easy to be Vegetarian

Many people have expressed how difficult it would be for them becoming vegetarian.  The only difficult part of being vegetarian for me is having people understand the many options we have.

Cutting the Fat by being vegetarian you clearly eliminate all the bad fat in your diet.

Reduce the Suffering of animals. By not eating animals you can reduce the suffering animals go through during the meat processing steps. If you have a pet think of him as that steak or pork you find in any supermarket aisle.

Food poisoning is derived mostly from meat or the processing of animals to create of meat.

Helping the environment by not eating meat eliminates waste of resources such as fuel and water.

Help your Weight Loss, although not always true since I am vegetarian it has been a lot easier to monitor and keep my weight on track.

Get more nutrition by actually having to identify ingredients in what you eat also goes in line with previous point of helping with your weight loss.

Any other reasons why you think being vegetarian is easy on everyone?

Photo credit by Hanumann


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