Healthy Treats for Halloween

As one of the oldest of about forty or more first cousins yet the last ones to have a baby, I decided to create a group on Facebook to reconnect with all of my cousins. In this group I posted a question about what their kids would be for Halloween and stated that I wouldn’t be giving Daniela any candy. I also stated I would probably give her some type of healthy snack like a homemade muffin using organic ingredients and a vegan recipe.

Well I got all types of responses one went so far as to say I was depriving her and that one little candy wouldn’t harm her. I told them that sugar is not something I am giving her and that it is not recommended to be giving a child that young sweets. She gets her sweets from the fruits we give her and the purees that I make with all types of fruits. I also modify recipes that state to use sugar and will add an alternative like applesauce or more fruit.

I found a post that provides healthier snacks for Halloween and are probably best to give if you were having a party your house. With some modifications to the recipes (omit dairy if vegan or use substitutes for dairy) the only recipe I wouldn’t make is the jello one. Take a look at the recipes and adjust them according to your family.

I also went to my favorite holistic nutritional blog by Diane Schnier called, Real Food Tastes Good, and found a recipe inspired by the fall yummy caramel apples! I wish Daniela had more teeth to dig into this caramel apple recipe. But she will soon enough.

Whatever you decided to do with your children on Halloween, make sure that you do what is best for your family. Besides I want to protect Daniela’s teeth as much as possible.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

At what age did your child have his or her first candy? Will you be providing healthy alternatives to your trick-or-treaters?

Thanks to Diane Schnier for the photo.


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