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A few weeks ago on a Saturday we decided to venture out of the house and to the mall in Ponce. We didn’t have our daughter’s carriage so our stay was not going to be that long since we would be carrying her around the mall. She is eating everything insight so she is getting heavier. We happened to venture to the Agriculture Market on the second floor of the mall and we saw the usual. Someone selling organic eggs, medicinal plants, and honey.

On our quest to find Puerto Rico coffee, I was offered a small piece of homemade Pumpkin Bread. I took a piece and went on towards the coffee. Now when we bought the coffee, I thought that Pumpkin Bread would go great with this coffee and we decided to go back to the lady. She saw me and suggested that we since we purchased the coffee, her bread would go great with it. I told her that was the reason I went back. As Raul @rj_c started to speak with the owner, he realized that he had eaten a meal from their vegetarian restaurant when he first moved to Puerto Rico. He had also eaten their home made yogurts. We were happy to try some of their homemade yogurt and bought four flavors. One had Guayaba, Almond and Cinnamon, Mango, and the last one we added Flaxseeds. We also bought two Pumpkin Bread loafs. The good thing about the loafs was that our daughter loved the taste. It had raisins and cinnamon, a spice that she is used to eating in some of her food. She also loved the yogurt and we had that for breakfast with flax seeds.

Of the three yogurts that I was able to try (Raul ate the mango one with mango bits) they were all delicious. My favorite had to be the Almond Cinnamon yogurt.

If you are ever in the San Juan area, one place I know they sell the Pumpkin bread is at Viva Mas in San Patricio Mall. It is a vegetarian cafe on the bottom floor. I have recently made banana bread muffins and would love to bake more breads at home. The owner stated that you could buy products at FreshMart as well.

Are there any other artesanal breads you have eaten or recommend to purchase in Puerto Rico or abroad that is vegetarian/vegan friendly?



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