Darrell Lea Liquorice

Many vegetarians are always looking for snacks that are healthy and sweet at the same time.

We had the opportunity to receive a few packages of Darell Lea Liquorice which we sampled.

For me it was the first time I remember trying liquorice. Initially it took some time for my taste buds to register and enjoy the liquorice. I started with the Mango and on my 3rd piece I really started to enjoy the taste. We received the other flavors which were Green Apple, Strawberry, and Original flavor. Out of the three flavors my favorite was Strawberry which ended being the house favorite and the package disappeared very quickly.

I really enjoyed the fact sheet enclosed with the products which really made me get a clear understanding of the Liquorice and its benefits.

Here are some fun facts on Liquorice (provided by Darrel Lea) and if you walk by a Darrell Lea package of Liquorice I recommend you to try.

  • In the Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy, Orcs have Black Blood – so what way was the easiest way to make their mouths black, not pink…. The actors had to swill the mouhts with a liquorice mouthwash prior to filming each of their scenes.
  • Alexander the Great and the Roman Emperor Caeser were two of the earlieast eaters of Liquorice.
  • The Liquorice plant grows wild in the subtropical areas of Europe and Asia.
  • The use of Liquorice as medicinal remedy is documented as far back as the fourth century BC, the time of Hippocrates.
  • Licorice helps relieve the pains that accompany certain types of ulcers, and it is good for the adrenal glands.

Disclosure: We did receive Complimentary Samples of Darrel Lea Liquorice (the four samples you see in the above picture) we don’t feel that this influenced the writing of this post in any way.



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