Ants, Ants, and Ants Please Go Away

When you live in the tropics you end up being exposed to many insects year round. I personally rather deal with the insects than cold weather (I am not a fan of snow).

When I was a child I use to be a huge fan of ants. As an adult I find them a bit difficult to deal with in our home. In Puerto Rico it is fairly common to have ants walking around your house in search of food. They are difficult to control so you better make sure you store your food safely away from them.

Electronics are At Risk

Another problem with ants is that for some reason they like to get into your electronics which can hurt your pocket if not controlled quickly.

Today as I was writing, I killed one ant as she accidentally walked over the key on the keyboard I was typing on. To ensure my family and pets don’t get bitten, I have to controll the ants by terminating them.

After killing that poor little ant with my heavy finger, I was worried how killing an ant fits into my vegetarian lifestyle. I really enjoy life and I try to conserve life for other as much as I can. The only living being I am ok with killing is those blood-sucking mosquitoes since they are the species that kills the most people in the world.

I have never read anything on killing pests especially if it is for the protection of your loved ones and yourself.

So here goes the questions and I will do more research. Is it ok to kill other animals because they offer a threat?

What approach do you take as a Vegetarian or Vegan?

If you are vegetarian or vegan what approach do you take to make sure your safety is not affected by not terminating a threat?

Until I hear differently I will continue to kill those ants and mosquitoes, which are lurking around me to attack me at the first opportunity.

Is that a contradiction as a vegetarian?

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  1. Leopr0080No Gravatar on August 16, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    I am not a vegetarian at this moment but was for many years.  A story for a nother post!!!  I have made a deal with insects and rodents as long as they stay away from the inside of the house,  I will not kill them, but inside they are risking death.  

     I have a major problem thoug I am haighly allergic to pesticides, and so  was told to feed the ants, corn meal and that they would take to nest, drink liquid and blow up!!  I keep thinking of my being hungry and blowing up!!    I will have to come up with another way.

  2. Raul ColonNo Gravatar on August 16, 2011 at 2:17 pm


    I guess I have the same rule. Although I have a huge issue with killing poor cute mice I am guilty of doing so. I am looking for more humane ways of capturing them and releasing them in the wild. 

    The corn meal thing would be a good exercise to review. 

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