Dogs ready for adoption at Animal Welfare of Culebra

If you have visited this blog before or read about how much we love our dog on any of the various blogs we run, than you know that helping save dogs from the streets tugs at our heart strings. During the early stages of my pregnancy I cried uncontrollably because we saw over ten dogs and puppies under the highway near a shopping mall in Ponce, Puerto Rico. We came back with dog food a week later and left it there for them to eat.

But the folks at Animal Welfare of Culebra do much more than that for the stray dogs and cats on the small island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. They rescue, nurse, love, and unite stray dogs and cats that come to their doorstep with families looking for a new family member. Recently I had  @Mark_Hayward send me information about the dogs that are currently ready for adoption. You can read one of the success stories where Mark and @Alyssa_Milano used Twitter to find Lilly a home. (Yes that Alyssa Milano)

Without further ado, here are the two dogs Mark and his wife Terrie are currently fostering. Help them find a new home! For more details you can go to Animal Welfare of Culebra on Facebook as well.

Here is Lucy

Lucy from Animal Welfare of Culebra


And here is Reina

Reina at Animal Welfare of Culebra


Thanks to Mark Hayward for the photos!



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