9 Ways To Use a Coconut

Vegan use for an Ice Cream Scoop

Every first and third Sunday of the month the family and I visit San Juan Organic Farmer’s Market where I get to mingle and interact with other Vegans and Vegetarians here on the Island.

I really enjoy chatting with Martin one of the vendors who creates a variety of natural drinks and is vegan like me. I am usually excited about try out the drinks he elaborates, some of the more commonly known ones are Flor de Jamaica, Tonico, Clorofila, and my favorite Horchata De Ajonjoli.

The other favorite thing I like to do when I go up to San Juan at the Organic Farmer’s Market is getting myself a coconut. Martin brings a limited quantity of coconuts that with his trusty machete he opens for those like me that enjoy having fresh coconut water.  The past few visits I have actually brought the coconuts back home and used them for many things. Analyzing many uses I have been giving a coconut inspired me into writing this post.


On earth day Martin’s wife had a small workshop with kids where they painted the coconuts and made cups and planters. By using the coconut husk they where able to extend the use of the coconut. My daughter got to paint a coconut husk with her creative partner (Mom – @lucymfel).

Dog’s Toy

I have a big issue buying eco-friendly dog toys for Juanga my 2-year-old Black Labrador. He destroys pretty much any toy on the market in minutes. Not only does Juanga make sure that he licks every last molecule of coconut left he then uses it as a toy that I don’t mind if he destroys.


After I finish drinking the coconut water Martin slices the coconut in half with his trusty machete. This allows me to get the coconut fiber and eat it as a snack on my drive back home.


Not only can it be used in snacks but also the coconut can be added to your food. A few days ago @lucymfel made a coconut, pineapple, and tomato salad with some Balsamic Vinegar.

Other Drinks

Other than coconut water I also use some of the fiber to include in sm

oothies but overall in my Piña Colada which I usually juice my own Fresh Pineapple and include fresh coconut. I am currently searching for a healthier way to make my own coconut cream. I found this recipe which I will


Once our Labrador has shredded the coconut, the birds usually come by and pick up the shreds for nesting.

Fire Starter

We live on an Island where if a Hurricane hits we might need to find other ways to cook our food without electricity. If you are also camping you might want to store the shreds of what covers the coconut husk as kindling or in other words a fire starter.

Water Filtration

The coconut has many properties to pick up everything from its surroundings. Which if used properly and with a fairly simple set-up you might be able to use for water filtration. The following post on how to create a water filter with coconuts.


Apparently it can also be used as charcoal which in our case since as a Vegan I don’t hold many BBQ’s might not be as attractive but if you need to warm or boil water in an emergency it might not be a bad idea to know you can prepare the coconut shell as Charcoal.

Any other eco friendly uses for a Coconut you can think of?




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