7 ways Google Plus Helps Me Understand the Vegetarian Lifestyle

I have been using Google Plus and one of the things I see that is diferent from other platforms is the ability for you to feed information to one group of people.

As a vegetarian, I am able to connect with others who are interested in the vegetarian lifestyle like in any other platform. On Facebook we have our  Veglatino page which has very little interaction. But on Google Plus, I can add any vegetarian and feed them content related to the vegetarian lifestyle.

Here are some of the things I have been using Google Plus to help me become a well informed Vegetarian:

I Can Ask For Suggestions

I  have asked  for suggestions on vegetarian options for my lunch. I had so many, I was able to schedule a menu for several lunches instead of one.  On many occasions we don’t know what to eat or make. Google Plus served as the perfect place to spark some new menu items.

Sparks gives you Content on the Subject

Google Plus has a content curator named sparks where you can search content on a subject. So if you are looking for vegetarian or vegan recipes feel free to give it a try.

Creating a Specific Circle

This allows me to send vegetarian related information and posts created on Veglatino to individuals interested in learning more about the vegetarian lifestyle.

Sharing Recipes

Given the character limitation that others platforms have, they might not be too friendly for sharing recipes. Google Plus gives you the opportunity to share recipes and even tweak those recipes as you go along. We will be sharing Veglatino’s recipes on Google plus. So if you are interested in receiving them via Google Plus, let us know we will gladly add you to our vegetarian circles. (feel free to add me to your vegetarian circles http://gplus.to/raul

Restaurant Reviews

I am always trying to share my experiences on the vegetarian options I find at restaurants. Google Plus has enough capability for you to share a restaurant review, blog posts, links, video, and other relevant content regarding your experience at a vegetarian friendly restaurant.


Now you can share photos of your favorite vegetarian plates or vegetables. There are so many vegetables and fruits that Google Plus Photos might be the place to teach someone on the variety.


If you have a question on a recipe or an ingredient not being vegetarian friendly, you can tap into a huddle (Google’s chat option) and ask. This can serve as huge support from those that are starting the vegetarian lifestyle and need guidance. What better place to tap into a network of people that are interested in sharing and learning as you are.

These are 7 ways Google plus can help me become a better vegetarian.

Any more ideas on how to enhance your Vegetarian Lifestyle by using Google plus (or at least motivate you to eat more vegetables)?

photo credit by Katler Dettmann


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