1st Visit to Veggie Friendy St. Germain in Old San Juan

A Month Ago while I was at ISACA Latin CACS & ISRM Conference I had the opportunity to meet a neat group of people and reconnect with old acquaintances.

While I was happy that I got a neat upgrade at the Presidential Suite of the Caribe Hilton I was deciding where I could go and eat my friend and ISACA member Lymari invited me to try out St. Germain a restaurant in old San Juan.

Is it Vegetarian Friendly?

My first question when I get invited to eat at a new place is to ask if it is vegetarian friendly. The answer was yes and Lymary also indicated that it was probably one of the most vegetarian friendly places in Old San Juan.

We arrived at the restaurant to find a very cozy small restaurant setting with the staff smiling. When I asked my waitress what vegetarian options they had she was more than happy to go into the specifics of the many options they had she was nice enough to point out which one was her favorite entree. Most of them where sandwiches which sounded really attractive and all vegetarian.

I could Have Soup TOO

Thankfully the soup was made out of Vegetable Stock. One of the things that really won me over was the Soup that was made out of vegetable stock not sure what vegetables it had in it but the flavors where so rich and tasty I forgot to ask. Once the waitress indicated it was made out of pure vegetables I decided to trust her and after tasting the soup I sure did not regret it.

My entree came out being a delicious sandwich with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and a side salad that tasted so good I would have asked for the side salad as an entree and I have expressed how I feel about salads in the past. Something I do realize when creating this post is that I am recommending a restaurant without going into the details I was so enchanted by the staff, the flavors, and the good company I had I really did not get into the specifics of each plate which gives me another reason to go back and do a more formal review.

All Options Even the Drinks Where Amazing

I ended the night with the most delicious carrot cake I have tried in years. Being vegetarian it is very difficult for me to really enjoy each item of my complete meal as much as I did. All 4 items I ordered including the Ginger Margarita that I recommend to anyone who wants to have a refreshing cocktail where excellent.

I want to thank Daniel and Lymary for the recommendation and introducing me to these new place where I can go and have tasty and great vegetarian options in old San Juan.

We will be posting our second visit to St. Germain where they where able to offer a fully vegan option for me feel free to Subscribe to VegLatino by Email and get updates directly in your inbox.

Any other Latino/Hispanic inspired places that have excellent vegetarian options we should try out. Feel free to share in the comments area.




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