Veganízalo’s Tempeh Burger

Veganízalo’s Tempeh Burger

A Veglatino Review



Veganizalo's Tempeh Burger

As a vegan, it's not often that an image or a video stands out and makes me hungry. Every image and video posted by Veganízalo does just that.

El Mercado Libre in Santurce

I visited El Mercado Libre a few months ago and had a bunch of food and sweets to eat. On my way out, I saw a table setup named Veganízalo. Curiosity set in for me to come back and try what Veganízalo was offering as food options for vegans.

Veganizalo's Tempeh Burger

Veganízalo's Tempeh Burger

This past Saturday morning after my daughter's swimming practice, we stopped by El Mercado Libre to try out the Veganizalo Tempeh Burger I had seen on their Instagram Feed.

Since I knew they would only be there during the weekend, I made sure to schedule that into our schedule for the day.

Meeting one of my Foursquare "Rivals"

We arrived so early that the people who run the table were not ready to take orders. I walked over to get some cash at the ATM. When I returned Cindy from Veganízalo was there finishing her set-up. As I approached her, she quickly recognized me from our Twitter interactions over five years ago when we both used Foursquare and competed for mayorship at my favorite Vegan Pizzeria.

Getting even more familiar with the Veganízalo's concept was great. I was very excited to try out my tempeh burger as I watched it simmer on the grill.

Veganizalo's Tempeh Burger

Enjoying the Tempeh Tempting Burger

Once the Tempeh burger was ready, I sat down and enjoyed the most delicious Vegan burger I have had in quite some time.

The ingredients and cole slaw topping brought me memories of when I was a kid and enjoyed eating my mom's homemade coleslaw. Different to my mom's homemade coleslaw the Veganízalo version is Vegan.

I also had a small dessert which was the Vegan Cinnamon Roll Cindy made.

Veganizalo's Cinnamon Roll


Quick Video Interview of Cindy

The food was so good that I went ahead and decided to create a video so you could meet the creator behind Veganízalo and learn more about what she is doing.

I hope to visit Veganízalo in the near future and can't wait to see when and where she sets up her own place.

We need more entrepreneurs like Cindy.

So one cool thing about Veganízalo is that there are other videos you can watch of their recipes on Youtube. I will be including them for your enjoyment.

Here is more on Veganízalo.

More Photos of our Visit to Veganizalo

Photos by Raúl Colón

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