Vegan Pastry & Rastafarian Inspired Raggamuffins in San Juan

One of the hardest things to find in Puerto Rico is a vegan friendly place that also offers Vegan desserts.

Difficult to Find a Fully Vegan Place with Desserts

It’s even harder to find a fully vegan place with vegan desserts. Raggamuffins is probably the only Vegan Food Vendor with 100% Vegan, creative recipes that fulfills my cravings for a sweet treat after my meal.

When I first started as a vegetarian it was very difficult for me to find places to eat.

Living in the southern part of the Island did not help at all. Places called vegetarian cafeterias and restaurants mostly sold processed options.

5+ Years as a Vegan ( 10+ as a Vegetarian)

When I made the switch to Veganism about 5 years ago, I realized I needed to stay away from those places.

4 years ago I moved to the Metro Area allowing me to have many options which were not only vegetarian but also vegan.

One of those options I had been craving for quite some time was Raggamuffins.

What is RaggaMuffins?

A Vegan Pastry and Food Cart specializing in the creation of healthy gluten free food and desserts.

My friend Misael and his wife Nicole run this cozy food cart in collaboration with the Bio Shack in Rio Piedras.

I met Misael years ago thanks to my Rastafarian friends Itegue and Martin. Misael not only lives and breaths the Rastafarian culture, his family also create some delicious and healthy vegan options that will blow your mind.

My First Visit to RaggaMuffins

On my first visit, I had the chance to try baked Red Potatoes with a Carrot Based Vegan Cheese. I had BBQ Jackfruit with carrots, beets, hemp seeds, and sweet mustard.

I also tried the two types of empanadas they had that day.

  • Potatoes and Carrots Curry
  • Mushroom, Carrots, and Onions

Since there are few places that offer a vegan dessert in San Juan, I had to try both of the options available:

  • Vegan Double Chocolate Brownies topped with Vegan Marshmallows.
  • The Carrot Muffin with a coconut topping which was almost as good as the muffin itself.

As I write this I realize my only regret was not buying even more empanadas and desserts for the rest of the week.

If you are looking for a vegan healthy option that can be accompanied by a vegan dessert, then Raggamuffins is definitely the first choice you should think about.

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